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Acidic people how to eat?

1, people have the physical pH, acid is the source of pain, weak base is the best state of the body. We usually should pay more attention to diet, eat less meat meat, eat more vegetables, fruits and natural.

The physiological performance of 2, the acidic physique: skin without lustre, athlete's foot, even with very little exercise fatigue, a bus will want to sleep, up and down the stairs to asthma, obesity, slow, sluggish.

3, the pressure of work and life directly affects our health, please adhere to eat some green algae food and weak alkaline food every day, combined with appropriate exercise, can let the life is full of vitality.

4, usually should eat less acidic food, because of excessive consumption of easily lead to acidification of the body, such as meat, cheese, egg products, beef, ham and should eat less. But should eat algae, such as Vegetable & Fruit basic food for good.

5, healthy eating tips: the excessive consumption of acidic foods easily lead to blood becomes thick, not easy to flow to the end of blood vessels, leading to cold feet or knee, stiff shoulders and insomnia.

6, health tips: the blood weakly alkaline is a healthy physique, the baby is also weakly alkaline. Patients belong to acidic. Therefore, the first step to make physical maintained in weak alkaline is to eat more alkaline food.

Alkaline food: grape, the 7 strongest, tea, Wine, kelp sprouts, seaweed and so. Especially grapes rich in anthocyanins, antioxidant detoxification vascular protection, natural green algae rich in chlorophyll, alkaline health food is the best.

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