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Different fruit are selected by different principles, but th

1, pick the fruit has a secret, no matter what fruit, in the position of the concave pedicle the harder the more sweet, there is a circle, any is a mother, the mother of the fruit is sweet; pedicled head and umbilical part is carried out, is the fruit mature symbol.

2, pick fruit principle is nice color shiny, bright color to a natural death, not color. Such as: citrus and papaya to choose orange, partial dark poor.

3, the same size of the fruit, the relative weight of the heavier fruit, organization is fine, water is more, so it is usually also quite tasty.

4, fruit shape full good, such as mango full fleshy seed is small; the coconut is juicy plump.

5, the fruit of the voice is also important. Such as: watermelon voice to calm (such as sound pat chest); Apple sound must be clear; pineapple meat to elect sound (such as hand play the voice of meat); rocked the Hami melon and muskmelon sound, quality is poor; rocked the avocado and connected to a voice, representatives have to eat.

6, the fruit appearance lines significantly better development, and uniform distribution, such as: Hami melon.

7, the choice of high hardness of fruit, such as: cherry, apples, oranges, grapes and other fruit quality, choose the harder the better.

8, soft fruit, depends on the length of villi. The ratio of long to short fine villi, such as: peaches, kiwi fruit, loquat.

9, skin delicate and smooth than rough, such as: citrus.

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