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The research fruit of knowledge

People often say: after eating a fruit, happy fairy. Analysis of medical care in the point of actually stand, this is not desirable. Immediately after a meal to eat fruit, the biggest harm the digestive process will interrupt, impede the body, stomach perishable food, by bacterial decomposition of alcohol and vinegar for a class of things, resulting in the Wei Qi, the formation of gastrointestinal diseases.

after every meal, we all like to eat fruit to help digestion. However, this effect is actually half eat. How to eat fruit can not only ensure the full absorption of the nutrients, and do not cause any adverse effects? Here is the fruit of knowledge.

many people have formed the habit of “ the consequences of rice ” habits, but in fact, this way of eating is not scientific, for four reasons:

(1) the fruit easy with food block in the stomach, cause flatulence, constipation etc..

(2) the fruits contain more sugars, such as glucose, fructose, Immediately eating fruits after meals will increase the gastrointestinal and pancreatic burden, especially some fruits containing starch content is high, is not easy to digest.

(3) fruit contains rich cellulose, semi cellulose, have stronger water absorption, can increase the security of dry expansion after absorbing water, when cellulose excessive absorption of trace elements, vitamins, can affect.

(4) people need to lose weight, if after a meal to eat as much fruit, because of too much energy and lead to obesity.

3 benefits of eating fruit before meals:

on the contrary, before meals to eat a certain amount of fruit has a lot of advantages.

first, many components of fruits are water soluble, vitamin C, can reduce blood cholesterol levels of soluble plant fiber - pectin. Mixed digestion and absorption does not need complex digestive solution, can quickly through the stomach and into the small intestine absorption. When the fasting absorption rate is far higher than that fed the absorption rate.

secondly, eating fruit before meals is conducive to a healthy diet “ eight full ” grasp. The fruit is low calorie food, the average calorie equivalent weight of pasta is only 1/4, about 1/10 of the same pork meat. Advanced eat low calorie foods easier to grasp the total intake.

third, many fruit itself is easily oxidized, corruption, eat fruit can shorten the length of stay in the stomach, reduce the oxidation level of corruption, to reduce potential adverse effects on the body.

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