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Watch the green life, promote ecological civilization, power

Shenzhen is an innovative and dream city, is China fruit flow start most early, the most perfect system area. Chinese operating fruit leading or well-known corporate headquarters are mostly in Shenzhen, such as agricultural products, sea Xin Rongmao, Jetion and other famous enterprises. The business at home and abroad, the integration of global resources, as China fruit good life has been trying to and beyond, and obtained the domestic and international social affirmation and respect.

In order to better integration of resources, improve the industry level of development and influence, to promote the healthy development of the industry norms and orderly, to provide more delicious, more safe, more economic fruit for the consumer. Recently, after a long time of preparation, Shenzhen fruit association was established. Shenzhen fruit industry association is now a total of more than 150 member units, covering areas including fruit planting, production, processing, circulation, sales etc..

As the fruit industry celebrities, have been to “ Hong Yang national spirit, revitalize the Chinese fruit industry ” to have any, adhere to “ only do one thing, undivided attention do fruit ” creed, practice “ vertical vision, can good solution, constant of righteousness and profit, Yong fine into, the achievements of ” the spirit of. People Tan Chenghao cool, enjoy great popularity among the people, by industry and social recognition and respect. After a public election, Yu chairman was elected Shenzhen Fruit Association executive vice president of the first session, and as the industry only representative was invited to the founding conference keynote address.

Around the fruit industry “ four good ” to speak off the cuff, full of feelings, was wonderful, listen to the leaders and colleagues, encouraging, got the prolonged applause. The specific content of the speech as follows:

good industry

1, because it is a healthy industry, health is a common recognized to eat more fruit, don't have to do any publicity will get the approval of the society.

2, because it is a good karma, eat more fruit and less meat, fruit is resource consuming the least food. The fruit is only regarded as fresh goods, and other foods are to be processed fresh ingredients. That we are engaged in is “ green watch life, promote ecological civilization &rdquo noble industry.

3, because it is the eternal industry, fruit is a new and old industry, first fruit after human. Because the fruit characteristics and long history, has been the eternal consumption demand.


The Japanese business Saint Kazuo Inamori told “ can manage fruit can run all ”, engaged in fruit of the people have the common characteristics: very forthright, very blunt, very bold, stresses integrity, reputation. Because the fruit it is not standard, doing business is conscience, only such persons can run good fruit.

good organization

Shenzhen fruit industry needs a can for the member unit service, can speak for industry, to be able to fight for resources and policy support for industry, believe that such associations must be a good organization.


Shenzhen is a dream city, we hope that through our efforts to win the respect of society, to let our family and friends to live better, have the ability to help should help people, bear help can help people, this is our common dream of personal. Through the efforts of everyone, only the realization of the “ let the world people to enjoy the fruits of good life ” industry dream, our individual dreams can be realized.

Gratifying, we romance in everyone's efforts, the social recognition and respect, the honor and achievement also has each of our romance people pay and credit.

Glory and dream, not far in front of the future, believe in more than the total of leadership, we must be able to complete the “ let the world people to enjoy the fruits of good life ” the mission of the enterprise, realize into “ is respected by the entire world, called the great ” enterprise dream, really power Chinese dream.

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